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Welcome to the Research page of SDMRIBS!

Our institute is dedicated to conducting cutting-edge research in various thrust areas that have a significant impact on healthcare and disease management. Explore the following areas of research conducted at SDMRIBS:

Gut- Microbiota in Health and Diseases

At SDMRIBS, we prioritize studying the role of human microbiota in health and diseases. Our research delves into understanding how the microbiota influences immune function, metabolism, and mental health. Through extensive investigations, we develop targeted interventions for disease prevention and treatment.

Cancer-Microbiome-Immune Axis

The Cancer-Microbiome-Immune Axis is a fascinating field of study for our team. We strive to unravel the intricate connections between the microbiome, cancer development, treatment response, and interactions with the immune system. Our ultimate goal is to develop personalized interventions that enhance cancer care and improve patient outcomes.

Translational Glycobiology

SDMRIBS is actively involved in Translational Glycobiology research. We aim to understand the critical roles of glycans in various diseases, including cancer. Our efforts focus on developing diagnostic tools and exploring glycan-based therapeutics to enhance patient outcomes and contribute to improved healthcare.

Cells & Cell-based Models and Therapeutics:

Our team of experts specializes in Cells & Cell-based Models and Therapeutics research. By leveraging cell-based models, we investigate disease mechanisms in depth. This knowledge enables us to develop novel therapies and personalized treatments, providing better care and outcomes for our patients.

Assay Development

With a strong focus on Assay Development, our researchers address the challenges of drug resistance and drug toxicity. We develop robust assays that effectively evaluate drug efficacy, identify resistance mechanisms, and assess potential toxicities. By doing so, we facilitate the development of more effective and safer drugs.

Computational Biology

At SDMRIBS, we harness the power of advanced computational methods in the field of Computational Biology. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to analyze biological data, model intricate biological processes, and predict molecular interactions. By integrating computational and experimental approaches, we contribute to advancing our understanding of biological systems. Our research also aids in developing computational tools and models that significantly impact drug discovery, precision medicine, and overall healthcare.

Stay tuned for updates on our groundbreaking research and the innovative discoveries that emerge from our dedicated team at SDMRIBS. Together, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge and making a lasting impact on healthcare.

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