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Training Program

Customized & flexible training programs on cell culture & analysis techniques can be conducted on-demand round the year.
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Training Programs on "Basic & Advanced Cell Culture Techniques"

SDMRIBS offers an interactive hands-on training program in "Cell Culture & Analysis Techniques" to expose participants to a broad range of essential skills required for cell culture & maintenance. This training program is a platform to enhance your understanding of cell culture & analysis techniques as well as principles & operation of biomedical research laboratory equipment with our interactive hands-on & classroom training. The main goal of this program is to provide hands-on training to build confidence in independently handling cell culture laboratories in academic institutions & industry. This program offers laboratory-based tuition using a range of human & animal cell lines, commonly used in biomedical research & the biopharmaceutical industry.

Beneficiaries of the Program

Students & employees from government laboratories/Institutes, Hospitals, Pathology Laboratories, Tissue Banks, Industries, & Universities who are interested:

In setting up a fully functional cell culture laboratory.

Basic & advanced research on cell & cell-based products.

Seeking for a biopharmaceutical industry job.

Entrepreneurs interested in start-up programs in the area of cell-based research & production.


Introduction to basic cell culture.

Importance of cell culture & potential applications.

Introduction to cell culture & basic research laboratory equipment.

Laboratory Safety & Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Preparation of media, solutions, & sterilization.

Importance of sterility in the cell culture laboratory.

Do's & don'ts in cell culture & basic research laboratory.

Introduction to pharmaceutical-grade cleanroom concept.

Demo & Hands-on


Resuspension of (human & animal) cells from liquid Nitrogen tank (-1960C).

Preparation of sterile cell culture media.

Passaging & feeding of cells.

Cryopreservation of cells.

Microscopic evaluation of cell morphology & confluence status.

Analysis of cell viability.

Cell counting & growth curve calculations.

MTT assay.

Extraction & purification of DNA/RNA from blood, tissues & cells.

cDNA synthesis.

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Agarose gel electrophoresis.


Completion of Program/Course

Group Discussions.

Preparation & presentations of reports.

Presentation of the training certificate to participants.

Duration :
1 week, 2 weeks, & 3-4 weeks

No. of seats :
4 to 6

Eligiblity :
Any Science Graduate from academia or industry

Course Fee :
Rs. 7,000/- for 1 week program (excluding accommodation & food)
Rs. 15,000/- for 2 weeks program (excluding accommodation & food)
Rs. 25,000/- for 3-4 weeks program (excluding accommodation & food)

In 3 - 4 weeks, training program, participants will have the opportunity to work in Class II A2 Biosafety Cabinets & put the skills into practice by establishing primary cell culture from healthy or diseased tissues (individually, for 2 weeks). This helps participants to fully understand the complexities of working with mammalian cells & cell culture facilities.

Salient Features of the Training

Demonstration of cell culture & analysis techniques.

Hands-on training & practical sessions as per the course curriculum.

Hand-out information on practical modules.

Tutorials (personal attention) & group discussions.

Certification on successful completion of the course.